Udeo.Me is a global platform open to anyone 13 years and older. To ensure everyone can enjoy the platform equally and in a respectful manner, we ask that all our community members adhere to the following guidelines. You are encouraged to flag another user if you feel one of these guidelines is violated.

No false advertising: Udeo.Me is built on an element of trust that required broadcasters to deliver the requested video to other viewers. If someone requests a "beach sunset" and you're on top of a mountain in the Alps, then don't accept the request. False advertising is not cool.

No copyright infringement: We respect content creators' intellectual property rights and so should you. Don't request or broadcast something if it's protected by IP rights. For example, a FIFA World Cup Match or a Rolling Stones' rock concert.

No abuse, harassment, or bullying: Don't be mean. It's not nice. Use polite and friendly language during broadcasts or when posting comments. Don't use language that might be offensive to others. Don't encourage self-injury or graphic violence. Don't attack anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases. In general, just be respectful.

No harmful and illegal content: Follow the law. Don't praise or promote terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Don't offer sexual services, buying or selling illegal or prescription drugs, or promote illegal gambling. Don't post / broadcast criminal behavior.

No nudity, spam, trolling, or threats: Keep your clothes on. This is a diverse community of users including minors. Nobody wants to see your private parts. Don't post / broadcast offers of sexual services including prostitution, escort services, or sexual massages. Don't post / broadcast spam or provocative trolling comments or threats of physical harm, financial harm, theft, or vandalism. Don't shame other users – that's not nice. Don't threaten to blackmail someone. Don't threaten a public figure.

If you'd like to view the demo, shoot us an email with your name, contact info and company. We'll be happy to assign you a user name and password.